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Set up your VK
page appearence

By using Orbitum you can set up any theme on your VK page.

By customizing background, colors and fonts you can create your own unique design. Choose one from thousands of ready-to-go themes: animated or interactive.

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Socializing with friends without barriers

Use built-in chat for chatting with friends from VK and Odnoklassniki.

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Watch torrents directly in the browser

Orbitum can download torrents as common files and play torrent videos online.

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The Orbitum player

Enjoy your favorite music

By using Orbitum you can listen your audio tracks in the browser without log in to VK.

Moreover you can switch tracks and listen your friends' playlists on any web-site. Convenient audioplayer (sidebar with music) is always at your finger ends.

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Take Orbitum with you.

Install mobile version of Orbitum, synchronize bookmarks, history and enjoy the Internet without advertising with built-in AdBlock.

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Orbitum - gateway to the new Internet.

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other platforms: Mac, Android

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