Orbitum FAQ

  • General Questions
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  • How to start
    • How to use the browser?
      Log into your account and a list of your friends will always be at hand.

      Orbitum is an easy to use Internet browser !

      After the installation completes you will see Orbitum Home page (It will open automatically), From this page you can Log In to Facebook .

      To connect click a button of your preferred social network.

      Please note that you can connect to your profile on the social network both from Home page, or from contact panel.

      If you choose to Facebook, you will see a tab login window.

      If you have profile in all social networks, you can connect and use them simultaneously.

      Enter your login and password, then click "Login".

      On contact panel, you find list of your friends from the social network.

      To write a message to your friend, find him in the list. For convenience, use the search box placed above the contact list. you can type keywords in the search box to narrow down your results even further.

      Simply press name of your friend and start chatting with him!

      Simply press name of your friend and start chatting with him!

      You can sort your contacts by name or by online status, also you can add your favorite contacts

      Customize your panel contacts ,you can change the font size and text size.

      Click on your avatar, join social network and customize your profile page .

      To stop chatting , Click on "silent mode". It will help you to hide the contact panel. To turn on, just press the button again.

      With Orbitum you can simultaneously chat with friends and watch your favorite websites and search for information on the Internet. You can enter in the search box both addresses of sites, and words for search.

      Add interesting pages in the list of "favorites" with a special top right button to open them at any time.

  • Functional
    • What is the features of Orbitum

      Orbitum appeal to those who chat at social networks a lot of time. Thanks to the chat in the browser Orbitum you can chat with your friends on Facebook or VK, while being on any other site. Orbitum shows friends from different social networks in one list, allowing you to quickly read and reply to messages without having to go to the website of social network.

      Orbitum downloads any sites easily and has usual set of features.Orbitum is easy to use. Simply look at the previews .In Orbitum, the address bar doubles as your search box, so you don't need a second search box.

    • How to set up and manage categories on home page?

      If you wish to open a specific page when Orbitum starts, go to "Settings" and select the desired option in the block "On startup".

      You can also customize the display of Home page button at the top left of the browser address bar.

      If you have chosen on home page is speed dial, you can sort visual bookmarks, creating different categories, such as for work or fun. In the middle of the page, click "Add Category" and type the name of a new category. Use the buttons located below "Add Site" to create visual bookmarks. You can switch between categories using a menu on the left of "Add Category".

    • How to save oprened pages when closing the browser?

      Orbitum saves opened pages by default and opens them the next start.

      If you changed earlier this setting and now wish to restore it, you need to pass to the Orbitum menu

    • How to add a site to favorites (create a bookmark) and is there a limit to the number of created bookmarks?

      To create a bookmark for the page you’re on, click the icon ("star") in the right of address bar. You can also easily edit bookmarks and folders .Quantity of new bookmarks is unlimited.

      To show the Bookmarks bar under the address bar in Orbitum, go to "Bookmarks" and select "Show Bookmarks Bar".

      The star will turn yellow to indicate the page is bookmarked .

    • How can I import bookmarks from another browser to Orbitum?

      To import your bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Toolbar, go to "Bookmarks" and select "Import bookmarks and settings." Next, select the program that saved your bookmarks and click "Import".

      If you use a different browser, you should first export the bookmarks as an HTML-file. After this go to "Bookmarks", then to "Bookmark Manager" and click on "Organize". Select "Import Bookmarks" and open the saved HTML-file.

      If you have not create bookmarks in Orbitum, imported items will be displayed on the panel below the address bar. If you already have Orbitum bookmarks, new elements will be placed in the folder "Imported from (browser name)" at the end of the panel.

    • How to make Orbitum the default browser?

      To make Orbitum your default browser! future links you click will automatically open in Orbitum. go to Menu and click " Make Orbitum my default browser".

    • How to set default search engine and Speed Dial search engine in Orbitum?

      If as main you chose the speed dial page, it is impossible to change a search engine, but you can do it for omnibox. For this purpose open the Orbitum menu , turn into "Settings" and choose necessary option in the block "Search".

    • How to turn off/on cookies on Orbitum?

      Cookies - are small files that are created when you visit sites for different users and storage of their data (passwords, settings, personal data). If you did not save your passwords in the browser (at the suggestion of the browser or the site itself), they will not be recorded in cookies.

      In Orbitum cookies are enabled by default. If you want to turn them off, open Orbitum menu , go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced options". Next, in "Privacy", click "Content Settings" and in the block "Cookies" select the desired option.

      If you need to clear your cookies, open Orbitum menu , go to the "History" and click "Clear History." You will see a pop-up window that can be noted that and for what period of time should be removed.

    • How to enable pop-ups?

      Orbitum blocks pop-up windows by default. If you want to enable their display, open Orbitum menu , go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced options". Next, in the block "Privacy" click "Content Settings" and in the block "Pop-ups" select the desired option.

    • How to delete a history of browsing or search?

      If you need to clear a history of browsing or search open Orbitum menu , open the tab "History" and click "Clear all browsing data." You will see a pop-up window that can be noted that and for what period of time should be removed.

    • How to enable "silent mode"?

      "Silent mode" allows you to hide a contact panel. To enable the "silent mode" press the special top right button of the browser.

      To stop the "silent mode" press this button again.

    • How to use Incognito Mode in Orbitum ?

      The "incognito" mode allows you to open sites and to download files so that your actions didn't register in history of viewings and loadings. If you close a window opened in "incognito", all cookie files will be removed.

      To view sites in the "incognito" mode open Orbitum menu and select "New incognito window." In the top left corner of the new window you will see the icon , indicating that all the sites are opened in this window will be viewed hidden.

    • How to zoom in / out the web page and the size of the text?

      To change a size of the page and text open Orbitum menu and operate the option "Scale".

      For a more detailed setting the size and style of the font open Orbitum menu , go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced options". In the block "Web Content" you can adjust the font size and style, and change the encoding.

    • How to change the encoding in the browser?

      If the site page with the text displays incorrect symbols, you can change the encoding in the browser. To do this, open Orbitum menu , go to "Tools" in the menu that appears, navigate to the option "Encoding". Select the appropriate character set, or select "Automatic" (the first in the list) to Orbitum independently determined the appropriate option.

    • I can not login social network, why?

      Probably login or password have been entered incorrectly. Please enter the data manually, check their validity (keyboard, case, the presence of extra spaces). If the input data is accurate, but you still can not login social services network, please contact the support of the appropriate social network.

  • Chat
    • How to switch between lists of contacts?

      At the top of the contact panel you can find buttons to switch quickly between the connected profiles. By clicking on these icons, you can choose a list of contacts from your account in the relevant social network. You can also customize the display of a list of all the contacts from the connected profiles. Just click "All".

    • How can i write a message to my friend?

      To write a message, simply select you friend from the list and click on the line with his name. On the left you will see a chat window where you could chat. For convenience, use the search box placed above a list of contacts.

    • How to configure the display of the contact panel?

      For maximum ease of use the contact panel, you can change the following settings:

      - sort the display of contacts by using special buttons located above the list (see your friends online or favorite). Friends, marked with stars, will always be shown first in the list of contacts. Pressing the button again will cancel the filter;

      - change the font size (normal or large) with a special button ;

      - change the size of the contact panel (standard view or display only avatars) ;

  • Other
    • Why the web pages loading slow?

      The reason for slow loading web pages can be a variety of factors:

      - low speed of Internet connection due to problems at the ISP;

      - low speed of Internet connection due to malfunction of the network devices;

      - virus or other malware program on your PC.

      - activity of applications are also using the Internet connection (such as uploading, torrent clients, online games).

    • How to change a language of Orbitum interface?

      To change the language of interface, open Orbitum menu , go to "Settings" and click "Show advanced settings". Next, in the "Languages" click "Languages" and spell-checker settings", select the desired language from the list (or add it by using "Add") and click "Display Orbitum in this language." Confirm your selection by pressing "OK".

    • How to remove Orbitum from PC?

      Removing the program is the standard way: «Start» > «All Programs» > «Orbitum» > «Uninstall Orbitum».

      There is another way: «Start» > «Control Panel» > «Programs and Components" (for Windows XP: «Remove Programs») > right-click with the mouse on the Orbitum and select "Delete."

      Removing Orbitum shortcut from the desktop or a folder «Orbitum» from PC will not remove the program completely, so we recommend you to use the standard removal way.

    • How to contact Orbitum support?

      If you have any questions about Orbitum, requests or suggestions, you can email us via the feedback form. We will be happy to help you!