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Facebook Browser - Orbitum

It is no secret that Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site, so it makes perfect sense for users to make use of a unique Facebook browser such as Orbitum. Orbitum is a powerful browser, specially designed to make your Facebook experience faster, simpler and most importantly secure and private.

Orbitum does not take forever to load like most browsers, and has features that are quite similar to other well known browser – this way; you will find it very easy to use. In this Facebook browser, you will find a very useful and interesting feature; with Orbitum, you will be able to correspond with your Facebook contacts and check different websites at the same time. This browser also has a reputation for bringing laudable innovation to browser, for instance Orbitum embedded a window that gives automatic access to update on Facebook or other social networking sites. It also offers privacy for users and their contacts/friends – this way, you can choose who gets to see your online status and who does not.

Orbitum for free

This browser is specially designed and developed to make website search faster, safer and a lot more stable for every user. If you try to visit a page or website that could possibly harm your computer, this browser immediately alerts you. Orbitum provides simplicity and improved performance on its interface:

  • Star-shaped toggle for bookmarking pages
  • Two row windows with tabs resting on top
    of the address bar
  • Settings icon
  • Browser controls
  • Integrated chat

Those who are migrating from other browsers will be glad to know that
Orbitum is more than a Facebook browser; it is uncomplicated and offers
clean browsing experience with highest utilization of screen estate for
sites. One of the most popular features of Orbitum is its “Incognito mode”.
The incognito mode is feature that opens new window which disables
tracking cookies, history recording, and helps reduce the amount of
traceable breadcrumbs you may have left after browsing. Quite contrary to
common belief, this does not in any way mean that Orbitum users can
easily and freely surf the net for illicit use; their ISP can still view their
online activity – so it makes more sense to avoid getting into trouble.

Installing Orbitum is simple, after you have downloaded the installer, the installation process of this browser will launch with the standard practice of first confirming PC directories and a couple of click-throughs. Orbitum is also self-sustaining, the moment you install this browser, it will silently roll out updates automatically in the background and ensure that your software is updated with the newest versions.
Orbitum for free